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Hospitalist Program

Your Dedicated Hospital Physician

Treating Patients with Compassion and Quality
In order to take care of our patients while they are in the hospital, St. Catherine’s has a hospitalist program. Our hospitalists are available 24/7 and are easily accessible by you and your family to discuss anything you may want.

What is a hospitalist?

A hospitalist is an acute-care physician who manges your care while you are a patient in the hospital. Hospitalist are trained in internal medicine and have the necessary skills to meet the unique needs of the hospitalized patient. The hospitalist will communicate and colloborate with your primary care physician. 

Why would I see a hospitalist instead of my primary care physician while in the hospital?
It is very difficult for your primary care physician to attend to both patients in their office and the hospital at the same time. Our hospitalist allows you the 24/7 accessibility that you need and deserve while in the hospital.

How do I benefit from the hospitalist program?

  • Personalized Care
    Since hospitalists work fulltime in the hospital, they are available whenever you or a family member have a question about medical care. There is no waiting for your primary care physician to make rounds to ask questions and express concerns.
  • Better Communication
    Since hospitalists only work in the hospital, they are able to spend the proper amount of time needed discussing things with you and your family. The hospitalist provides a central point of contact that allows the patient, primary care physician, specialists, and any other medical personnel involved to talk to the same person.
  • Shorter Waiting Time for a Bed
    The hospitalist can help speed up the process of getting you admitted from the emergency room.
  • Shorter Stays & Quicker Discharges
    With the hospitalist acting as the provider and coordinator of your care, waiting times can be reduced for tests, results and consultations. They make sure each process is done in a timely manner, which can result in a shorter stay. Not only that, but since the hospitalist is focused on you, they can give you discharge approval sooner, getting you on your way home.
  • Continuity of Care
    Hospitalists and emergency room physicians work hand-in-hand when a patient needs to be admitted from the Emergency Department. When a patient arrives, the team of physicians work quickly and effectively to provide your care. At St. Catherine, we are highly committed to quality and patient satisfaction.
  • Higher Quality of Care
    Your hospitalist will visit with you several times a day when needed; and in case of an emergency, your hospitalist will be nearby and able to respond quickly. And since your hospitalist knows every specialist and department in the hospital, they are able to easily follow-up on tests and make adjustments as needed.

Will the hospitalist be involved in my follow-up care?
Typically the relationship between you and your hospitalist is limited to your stay at the hospital. However, hospitalists do make themselves available to primary care physicians and specialists for consultations. Your primary care doctor will continue to be your regular provider after you leave the hospital.

How will my primary care physician know about my condition?
Hospitalists are in direct communication with primary care physicians at the time of admission and obtain important records from them when necessary. Your hospitalist may further discuss your treatment with your primary care physician when need be. At the time of your discharge the hospitalist will discuss any additional treatment needed, follow-up care necessary, and prescribe medications, with your primary
care physician. Your primary care physician will receive all hospital records during your stay from the hospitalist.

Your experience at St. Catherine of Siena is extremely important to us, please call (631) 862-3827 and provide us with feedback relating to your Hospitalist care so we may better serve in the future.