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44 Years in the Making—Marianne Rodriguez is St. Catherine’s 2014 Nurse of Excellence

May 20th, 2014

Each year, St. Catherine of Siena selects a nurse of excellence—someone who demonstrates leadership and expertise in the field of nursing—this year the title went to Administrative Nursing Supervisor Marianne Rodriguez, RN, BSN. 

Mount Sinai resident Mrs. Rodriguez has been an outstanding and exemplary nurse for more than 44 years, and 23 of those years have been at the medical center. She has held the roles of staff nurse, emergency department nurse manager and presently, administrative nursing supervisor. In her current role she is responsible for hospital-wide operations, while ensuring every patient receives quality care, on the very active night shift, which is no easy task.

Mrs. Rodriguez graduated from nursing school in 1970 and upon first entering the field; she was not sure what her niche would be until she accepted a staff nurse position in the very busy and unpredictable emergency department at a 1,000-bed hospital in Brownsville, Brooklyn. Most would have been terrified to enter the world of nursing on such a massive scale, but for Mrs. Rodriguez she confirms that “I think at age 20, after my first shift, I was completely in love with emergency medicine.” She continued, “It afforded me exposure to all age groups, all areas of medicine and surgery, and a timeless camaraderie with my fellow staff.” She certainly succeeded in the role and after just two years she was promoted to assistant head nurse, followed by another promotion to head nurse, two years later. In 1976, she was offered a supervisory position with the stipulation that she would return to school in pursuit of her bachelor’s degree. She accepted the promotion with the motivation and support of her husband, she fulfilled her charge and earned her Bachelor’s degree in community health. She has been said to have an enthusiastic and contagious passion for nursing and her commitment is shown in every measure taken to ensure the patient is best cared for.

In 1991, after commuting to Brooklyn from Suffolk County for 9 years, Mrs. Rodriguez made the apprehensive decision to take a position at a small community hospital to be closer to her family, especially to be more available to her two young daughters. “I was very anxious coming from a 1,000-bed hospital,” said Mrs. Rodriguez, but she was also determined to make it work and clearly after 23 years at the medical center, she certainly has. St. Catherine’s Senior Vice President of Administration and Chief Nursing Officer Gara Edelstein presented Mrs. Rodriguez with her award and stated, “I cannot express how comforting it is to know that during the hours that I am not here, that I have someone like Marianne—a take charge leader supervising the medical center.” She continued, “I know that when I get a call from her at home, she has everything under control.” She is admired for her leadership abilities throughout the facility.

When Mrs. Rodriguez is not holding down the fort at St. Catherine of Siena on the night shift, she keeps busy with the Girl Scouts of America as a co-leader, a position she has held for more than 12 years. She is a member of the Parent Teacher Association, and volunteers for fundraising events and other activities. She is also an active member at her church, where she volunteers for the youth ministry. The Mount Sinai resident enjoys bowling, has a passion for travel, and enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters.

“I am so proud to come to work every day, and so proud to call you all colleagues and friends,” said Mrs. Rodriguez, after receiving her well deserved award of recognition and excellence. “I am most satisfied at the end of my shift when all of my patients are comfortable and staff is confident that they have the support of nursing leadership and when I can report to my relief supervisor that I have no problems to pass on.” It takes significant ability and skill to lead the many departments within the hospital and Mrs. Rodriguez does her job with pristine execution and success—she is more than worthy of the title—2014 Nurse of Excellence for St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center.


Photo (L-R): Executive Vice President and CAO Paul J. Rowland, Senior Vice President for Administration and Chief Nursing Officer Gara Edelstein, 2014 Nurse of Excellence Marianne Rodriguez, Assistant Vice President of Nursing Administration Mary Jane Finnegan, and Vice President of Medical Affairs/Chief Medical Officer Jason Golbin, DO.