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After Five Decades of Nursing—Kitty Sauthoff Retires

May 14th, 2014

The name "Kitty" has become synonymous with the Delivery Room at St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center. Kitty Sauthoff has been a nurse for 5 decades and has spent the last 44 years providing exceptional care to mothers in the Labor and Delivery Unit at the medical center.

Kitty began her career as a nurse at the young age of 17. She initially wanted to become a lawyer, but her family could not afford the cost of law school, but with a full scholarship to nursing school, she her advanced her career in nursing and her peers all agree, she made the right choice. Kitty started in the medical surgery unitthen pediatrics—to a specialized tonsil nurse—and in 1963 she found her match—the delivery room. She has enjoyed working so much that she only took leave from the profession for the five times she was on maternity leave and briefly for a relocation. "I am sorry to be leaving because I love my job—but as much as I love my job—I want to leave while I still love my job," said Kitty.

At the age of 46, when Kitty's children were older, she decided to take the opportunity to go back to school and fulfill her longtime goal of becoming a college graduate. No longer fascinated by law school, she opted to pursue her degree in nursing, and earned her Bachelor of Science in nursing from St. Joseph's college. “I wanted to prove I could do something—and becoming a college graduate meant so much to me and to my mother," said Kitty.

When asked what her greatest achievement was—from completing nursing school at such a young age, being a mother of five, finishing her degree, or being the best in her field, she stated, "in all these successes, having my children—being able to take care of them—and grooming three nurses—well, that is my greatest accomplishment.”

On her last day providing care in the Labor and Delivery unit at St. Catherine, Kitty was ever committed to her patients. “She will be missed so much,” said fellow nurse Jennifer Giordano, “but we are so happy for her.” In all her years of nursing and prior to settling in her career at St. Catherine, Kitty said "St. Catherine is home to me—and I assure you, there is no place like it anywhere. The best practices for the patient are being done here and I will miss it."


Photo: Kitty Sauthoff, BSN, RN, (center), with her colleagues at St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center.

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