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Hauppauge High School Student Donates Baby Hats

June 29th, 2015


St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center’s Maternity Unit was thrilled to receive 215 baby caps on June 2, 2015, compliments of Hauppauge High School ninth grade student Maia Gonzalez. Maia is a teen with a lot of energy and a passion for keeping the art of crocheting alive as well as bringing generations together. A candidate for Suffolk County Girl Scouts highest award—The Gold Award—Maia developed a club while in middle school for sixth through eighth graders called “Crochet for a Cause”. Meeting weekly in the school library, Maia started instructing other students how to crochet—teaching various stitches, selecting wool, offering advice on design and encouraging friendships. Brenda Depetris, a librarian at Hauppauge Middle School, who oversees the group said, “Maia is exceptional and a great teacher—all the girls love working with her.”

The “Crochet for a Cause” club started making the colorful baby caps in September and throughout the school year. Collectively, they made three different sizes which they creatively packaged in baby, mama and papa bear gift boxes—a reflection of the uniqueness of every baby born. Director of St. Catherine's Maternity Department Neila Hernandez, RN, said, “These hats are so beautiful, you can see they are made with love.”

In addition to the middle school club, Maia has a program in place at Hauppauge Library and has approached Hauppauge High School to start a crochet club in the fall which would be an “elbow” of one of the service clubs. She plans to incorporate seniors into her “Crochet for a Cause” and has been coordinating with Anna Beltrani, a member of “Young at Heart”, a senior club at St. Thomas Moore Parish. Anna will assist Maia and they hope to expand the project—not only making baby caps but lap robes and blankets. Together they will facilitate a cross generational approach—women of all ages crocheting together—building friendships—keeping the art of crocheting alive.


Photo (L-R): Neila Hernandez, RN, Director of Women Child Care Center, Anna Beltrani, Brenda Depetris, Maia Gonzalez