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Radiology Department Now Offers PET/CT Onsite Imaging

January 16th, 2015

St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center will enhance its imaging services capabilities with the addition of a new, “state of the art” Positron Emission Tomography combined with a CAT Scanner (PET/CT) system, which offers early and highly accurate detection of cancer. 

PET/CT is an imaging procedure that provides physicians with information about the body’s chemistry, cell function and exact location of disease.  The precise images obtained with PET/CT are not available with other technologies, such as X-ray, MRI, or CT alone.  The difference lies in the ability of the PET/CT equipment to combine or “fuse” the images of the PET scanner (metabolic function of cells) with the CT scanner (anatomic location of body structures) into one extremely detailed image. 

This combination of the metabolic information from PET and the anatomic information from CT, places PET/CT at the forefront of cutting edge technology allowing physicians to more accurately stage and treat patient disease processes and this service is now being offered at St. Catherine of Siena. 

For more information about PET/CT imaging visit our  Radiology and Imaging Services page or to make an appointment, please call (631) 870-3444.