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Smithtown Native Timothy Giancola Selected as 2015 Nurse of Excellence

May 20th, 2015

Smithtown native Timothy Giancola, BSN, RN, ANCC,  has been selected as St. Catherine’s 2015 Nurse of Excellence. Born and raised in Smithtown, after graduating from Smithtown High School, Mr. Giancola had a calling to serve the nation and joined the United States Army. In 1988, after 3 years of service, he began working at the medical center, not directly in nursing but in the housekeeping department. Within a short seven months, because of his stellar work ethic, he was asked to be a patient care assistant (PCA). It was his interaction with a specific patient as a PCA that initiated a journey of patient care that would help him find his place in nursing.  

It was a 90 year old patient with limited mobility that inspired him to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Therapeutic Recreation. He enjoyed adapting activities to increase the patient’s quality of life through movement. While he enjoyed working with the therapeutic team, Mr. Giancola still felt a calling to do more. He began volunteering his time to work with the psychiatric population to help bring peace and contentment by building and donating an aquarium to the unit. He was drawn to the patient interaction and ability to see his patient flourish.

When he learned about St. Catherine’s nursing cohort program with Suffolk County Community College, Mr. Giancola was first in line to procure his registered nursing (RN) license. And in 2008, after graduating, he took a staff RN position in the oncology department. He quickly obtained the necessary chemotherapy and biotherapy certification requirements, and continues to renew them every two years and required.

Mr. Giancola is now the Assistant Nursing Care Coordinator of St. Catherine’s Oncology Unit—a place he can truly give back to his patients. “He exemplifies a unique approach in treating his patients with the highest quality of dignity and compassion,” said his peers.

When he was presented with his award at St. Catherine’s Nurse of Excellence ceremony, St. Catherine’s Executive Vice President and CAO stated, “I have a son that will be entering the field of nursing and if he can emulate the career that Mr. Giancola has had thus far, then I would be a very proud father.”