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St. Catherine’s Nurses Climb the Clinical Ladder

May 13th, 2014


Co-Chair of the Clinical Ladder Committee Ann Robbins, BSN, RNC, gave a warm welcome to award recipients at St. Catherine of Siena’s 7th annual Clinical Ladder Awards Ceremony on Monday, May 12th at the medical center to celebrate the 93 nurses on the clinical ladder.

The Clinical Ladder Program is committed to inspire and cultivate a culture of nursing excellence in the provision of direct patient care across the continuum. The program facilitates progression in the career of nursing and defines the levels of clinical, professional nursing practice. To progress “up the clinical ladder”, the individual nurse must demonstrate skills, competency, clinical excellence, educational attainment and professional expertise.

“The essence of nursing is the relationship developed at the bedside with direct care from the nurse to the patient—which is why nursing is the most trustworthy profession—the most noble profession,” said Assistant Vice President of Nursing Administration and Co-Chair of the Clinical Ladder Committee MaryJane Finnegan, MSN, RN, as she encouraged the room of engaged nurses to continue achieving excellence in the field of nursing.

The Clinical Ladder Program goals are: To attract, recognize and retain nurses as direct patient care providers; To serve as an inspiration to promote best practice in patient care through continuing education of the bedside practitioner; to enhance professional involvement through mentorship, committee participation, leader and partnership; To provide an environment that promotes excellent patient outcomes while fostering patient and staff satisfaction; To impart the desire for life-long learning.

St. Catherine’s Chief Operating Officer/Chief Nursing Officer Gara Edelstein, MSN, RN, presented each clinical ladder attendee with their awards and remarked on how proud she was of their accomplishments, “Achievement of the clinical ladder is critical—it means—progressively stepping up to improve the quality of care provided for the patient—and fulfills the theme of this year’s nurses week—Nurses are truly leading the way.”

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