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St. Catherine of Siena Delivers the First Baby of Smithtown’s 350th Sesquarcentennial Birthday

March 11th, 2015

The town of Smithtown is rich in history and culture and 2015, marks the 350th year of its existence, also called sesquarcentennial—not the easiest word to pronounce, but a significant time to celebrate. Under the leadership of Smithtown historian and President of The 350th Foundation, Inc., Bradley Harristhe community of Smithtown has events planned commemorating its official birthday and as the only community hospital within the official borders of the historical town, St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center is proud to participate in the year long events.

The mission of The 350th Foundation, Inc., supported by Smithtown Supervisor Patrick Vecchio, the Smithtown Historical Society and enthusiastic residents, is to promote interest in Smithtown’s history by making town residents aware of its colorful and fascinating past; to encourage participation and involvement in the celebration of Smithtown’s history by getting residents, schools, other organizations, businesses, and corporations actively involved in activities and events associated with the Sesquarcentennial Celebration of the Year 2015; to promote [education through] public participation in the activities and events by creating a calendar of events for 2015, advertising and promoting those activities and events, and fundraising to help defray the cost of those events; and to actively promote, direct, and run activities and events on behalf of the Town of Smithtown that will include but not be limited to the Bull Smythe Run, dedication of the Statue of Richard Smythe, a Sesquarcentennial Parade, and a Fireworks Celebration.

“Smithtown has a rich history and its 350th anniversary provides a great opportunity to educate residents and celebrate the wonderful town in which we live,” commented Harris. To further commemorate the 350th birthday of Smithtown, St. Catherine of Siena was proud to deliver the first baby of its anniversary year, marked on March 3rd. After much waiting and anticipation, baby boy Christopher Granados was the first baby born at St. Catherine of Siena on March 4, 2015 at 8.49 am, weighing 8 lbs. 3.4 oz., to Glenda Corvera and Jose Granados of Brentwood, delivered by Shehla Shabnam, MD.

Photo (L-R): President of Smithtown’s 350th Foundation, Inc. Bradley Harris, mother Glenda Corvera holding baby Christopher Granados, father Jose Granados, Smithtown Supervisor Patrick Vecchio, St. Catherine’s Executive Vice President/ CAO Paul J. Rowland, Smithtown’s 350th Foundation, Inc. Committee  member Kathleen Albrecht, St. Catherine’s Director of Maternity Services Neila Hernandez, St. Catherine’s Senior Vice President for Clinical Services/CNO Gara Edelstein, and St. Catherine’s Vice President of Medical Affairs/CMO Jason Golbin, DO.

On March 6, 2015, St. Catherine’s administration welcomed members of The 350th Foundation, Inc., and Smithtown Supervisor Patrick Vecchio to meet the new baby and his family, along with the Maternity staff that helped welcome him to the world.  Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer Paul J. Rowland welcomed the family and members of the foundation in its St. Luke’s Medical Library, followed by a welcome from President of The 350th Foundation Bradley Harris. While they are not Smithtown residents, Smithtown Supervisor Patrick Vecchio gave them an honorary lifetime residence in Smithtown. “Christopher is a star already,” said father Jose Granados and with excitement.

Photo: St. Catherine's Executive VP and CAO welcomed and congratulated the family. 

Photo: Smithtown Supervisor Patrick Vecchio and St. Catherine's Executive VP and CAO reading the proclamation to the family. 

In addition to the proclamation and honorary Smithtown resident status, the family received a beautiful gift basket from the foundation filled with baby essentials, along with a starter fund of $350 towards a NY529 College Savings Plan for baby Christopher, presented by committee member Kathleen Albrecht.

Photo: Kathleen Albrecht presents the family with a check for $350 to start baby Christopher's NY529 College Savings plan.

“We are proud of the staff at St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center and are happy to be part of the 350th birthday celebration of Smithtown,” said St. Catherine’s Executive Vice President and CAO Paul J. Rowland. “We are all pleased to have the first Sesquarcentennial baby here at the hospital and look forward to participating in future events.”

Baby Christopher and his family will walk in the parade on September 12, 2015. For more information about future events, visit

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