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Student Artistic Expression Inspires Dialysis Patients

May 11th, 2017

For dialysis patients, the routine of sitting in a chair for multiple sessions during one week can be more than monotonous. And, while the staff at St. Catherine of Siena’s Dialysis Department delivery care to patients with compassion and expertise, the walls have been more than bleak, lacking much needed artwork.

“This is the first time the patients have had the opportunity to look at such beautiful artwork—they noticed them right away and are thrilled—from the bottom of our hearts thank you,” said Dialysis Nurse Director Melissa Gedeon, RN.

Thanks to the artistic inspirations of Smithtown High School East teacher Dianne Shanian, together with four of her students, Sam Denenberg, Anthony Fazio, Alexa Ondrush and Kayla Daneau, the bays in the Dialysis Department are now adorned with beautiful nature-inspired artwork to help purify the soul of dialysis patients. “The theme was nature and it was up to the students to interpret nature from their perspective—and I think they did a wonderful job bring the beauty of nature to the walls here at St. Catherine of Siena.” This is the fourth art installation collaboration the high school students have done for the Medical Center under the direction of Ms. Shanian.