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Pastoral Care


•Spiritual support for all patients, family members and caregivers 

•Available to all denominations and faiths 

•Counsel, compassion, prayer, ethical advice 

•Sacraments of Communion, Confession, Anointing 

•Staff includes: Priests, Board-Certified Chaplains and Professional Interns 


Pastoral Care services are available for patients of all denominations (or no particular faith) during their hospital stay. We provide spiritual resources, counsel and prayer, and help assist patients to integrate their faith beliefs with their healing process. We are often called upon for ethical advice with Advance Directives in collaboration with our Patient Advocate. Our spiritual outreach extends to the patient's family and the St. Catherine's staff caring for our patients.

A chaplain is available to patients at all hours. Call the switchboard to contact a chaplain.

In addition to his concern for all patients and staff, our priest is mainly charged with the Sacraments of Anointing ("Last Rites"), Communion and Reconciliation (Confession) for Catholic patients.

Masses, celebrated in the hospital Chapel, are at Noon on Sunday, Monday through Friday and on Holy Days. Chaplains also lead seasonal prayer services as announced. All chapel services are available to patients on closed circuit TV.

The Pastoral care Department is represented on the Mission, Ethics, Palliative Care, Perinatal Loss Committees, and Institutional Review Board and regularly at interdisciplinary rounds. 

Rehabilitation and Nursing Home

Personal and spiritual growth are processes that continue throughout one's lifetime, especially when a person's health indicates the need for Rehabilitation or Nursing Home Care. Along with our staff, we assist residents and their families through these transitions and the life experience that follows. Our outcome is focused on a quality of life that is meaningful, comforting and hopeful.

Mass is celebrated on Sundays and Holy Days. Residents confined to their rooms can participate through closed-circuit TV. Communion is brought to residents a few days each week. Catholic residents receive Anointing of the Sick ("Last Rites") twice yearly. Staff chaplains provide additional prayer services as needed during the week, both Catholic and Interfaith. Volunteer Spiritual Care Companions are available weekly to visit and to pray with residents.

Siena Village

A positive spiritual and emotional attitude toward the stages of aging are important for the health and well being of our residents. Chaplains are present at socials, offer prayer and scripture sessions seasonally, and are available for counseling referrals.

Chaplains contribute to the "Continuum of Care" by personally visiting and spiritually supporting Village residents who are admitted to our Hospital or Nursing Home.

Pastoral Care staff are participating members of the Mission and Ministry Committee. Chaplains often contribute to the Senior Wellness Program" for Village residents and the surrounding communities. This program promotes spiritual, physical and emotional well-being.