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Patient and Family Advisory Committee

Patient and family advisors are a group of dedicated patients and families who work with staff and physicians to promote the best health care for the community. Advisors are helping our health care system improve hospital-, home- and community-based care. Advisors focus on improving the overall quality, safety and experiences for all patients and families.

Advisors assure the views and perspectives of patients and families are included in decision-making and serve on committees and projects that help:

  • Plan, evaluate and grow services and programs needed in our health care facilities and communities
  • Develop policies and education materials to support our commitment to patient- and family-centered care
  • Prepare the future health care workforce

Advisors Commit to:

  • Maintain patient privacy and confidentiality
  • Support the hospital’s mission
  • Actively participate in improving care and safety for all patients and families
  • Listen to different opinions and share ideas and viewpoints
  • Advocate for and listen to other patients, families, staff and community members
  • Support positive relationships with our health system and members of the community

Who can be a Patient-Family Advisor?

Anyone interested in representing patients’ and their families’ perspectives are welcome. It is important that those who have experienced our care in both inpatient as well as outpatient settings are included. We also want to involve a broad cross-section of the community. How Can I Get Involved? Submit a completed application or nomination form to get the process started. All applicants will be interviewed. 

For more information, call the Administration Department, (631) 862-3100.

Download the brochure and nomination form here.