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This past year, Catholic Health Services of Long Island celebrated its 10th anniversary as the healthcare ministry of the Diocese of Rockville Centre. During that time, our staff and volunteers touched the lives of more than 740,000 individuals, providing healing and spiritual comfort to those in need.

Each member organization retains its Catholic identity and religious history. Pastoral Care services are tied closely to our ability to deliver compassionate care for people from all walks of life and of every religious belief and ethnic group. We understand that dignity is medicine for the soul, and are proud to provide the services that reflect the spirit of our shared humanity and the teachings of the Church.

Our staff respects your unique spiritual practices and beliefs. We invite you to call upon the Pastoral Care staff whether or not you follow a specific religious tradition. Our desire to offer you human support and compassion knows no religious boundaries.

The Clinical Pastoral Education and Chaplaincy can be found at

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If you would like a Chaplain to visit a patient in a Catholic Health Services Facility, please complete and submit the form below. Your message will be forwarded to the Pastoral Care Department, who offers this service, of the particular facility. If the message is other than a prayer or visit request, we will get back to you within 24 hours.

We do not share personal information publicly. Only our Pastoral Care staff will receive information.