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Weight Management Program


The Weight Management Programis a  customized medical treatment plan coupled with permanent lifestyle modifications designed to restore natural body composition and improve overall health.  This medically supervised weight loss program teaches strategies for long-term weight loss success and lifestyle changes.

The program is designed to determine why you gain weight and help you achieve safe and effective weight loss using the latest FDA approved weight loss medications, natural weight loss supplements and hormones. The program also offers additional support through nutritional counseling by an     experienced Registered Dietician and a Certified Strength and Fitness Specialist who will design a program to assist with optimal weight loss.

The cost to participate in a physician-supervised weight-loss program varies depending upon the services offered. Health insurance companies may cover some of your treatment if you have weight-related health conditions such as heart disease, hypertension or diabetes. The office staff will assist with any questions regarding insurance or costs.

Participants in the program will undergo an initial work-up that will include:

  • Comprehensive History and Physical
  • Detailed Laboratory Evaluation
  • Medication Review
  • Metabolic Rate Testing
  • Polar Body Age Fit Testing
  • Cardiac Testing (if necessary)
  • Hormonal Analysis
  • Sleep Disorder Assessment

Participants can expect:

  • Skills to lose weight and keep weight off
  • Customized Medical Diets
  • Strategies for lifestyle changes
  • Reduced health risk factors as weight loss is achieved
  • Education in nutrition and fitness
  • Fitness and flexibility testing
  • Body Composition Analysis-includes fat percent- muscle mass and total body weight
  • On-going support for long term success

*A four month commitment is required to achieve results.

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For more information or to schedule an appointment with Deborah Blenner, MD, and the weight loss team, please call (631) 870-3444.